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Everything from groundbreaking white papers to sensational product descriptions

Researching and Writing

As a dedicated scientific writer and consultant, my goal with CMB is to craft dynamic and accessible content driven by the wonders of science and innovation.



Whether you are looking to create vivid and focused product descriptions, marketing campaigns, or brand content we have options for new and established companies. We are here to help you develop strategic and eye-catching content utilizing both SEO and AI tool integrations to achieve your goals. Establish yourself as a thought-leader in your industry, as we support you with research and incredible storytelling.


We have a range of custom consulting options to support you, whatever stage your at!


WHITE PAPER & Technical writing

We have worked with widely recognized industry leaders on creating high-quality content to enlighten and inspire business owners, educators, and consumers. Working with national organizations, acedemics, and researchers give us an edge on other copywriting services. We will be able to seek expert advisory support, as we always aim to build content on the foundation of peer reviewed information. Our founder, Courtney Williams, has worked as an advisor for both non-fiction works and scienfitic journals, further expenading our network of reliable and relevant sources. 

CMB has produced white papers and regulatory content on the state and national level. We have tackeled topics ranging from manufacturing best practice, public health and safety, and analytical testing standards for quality control.

For more infomation about White Papers, SOPs, Technical Manuals, and other forms of technical writing support contact us with the information below!

Article & Blog Writing

We are a network of writers and influencers that can provide our clients with access to cutting edge content ranging from culture, science, medicine, product reviews, to political topics.


Our team has been ghost writing and creating influential content in biopharma and product manufaturing for over seven years. Utilizing our teams skills in research and professional writing, we create engaging content for a wide range of audiences. We work with SEO/SEM tools to ensure the best quality copy with measurable results. 

In addition to web content, we also offer services for content creation with a focus on product description and brand identity. Building portfolios of social media content, product and company bio's, and article writing are just a few of the services we provide. Based on our client's specific needs, we can create a custom plan that works perfectly.


With an extensive background in educational outreach, we are highly skilled at creating training documents and content for online learning platforms to provide adult education on botany and other scientific topics. CMB has advised for numerous academic programs for higher education around business, agricultural science, and innovation through technology and medicine. 


We also offer educational training through our speaker program - on topics ranging from biology, cultivation, manufacturing, testing and compliance - to public health and safety, product awareness, and ending social stigmas through historical and cultural education. Contact us for more information regarding educational content and training. 

Curious about previous work by CMB? Check out this public portfolio. We are happy to answer any questions or supply any additional copy as reference if you reach out directly

Pricing & Fees

CM Botanical's fees are based on the client's needs and service level required. We also offer fixed cost services and the ability to set up no-obligation blogging subscription services. 



Contact us to find out more about our rates and availability at 

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