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Behind the microscope

Image by Chanvre Québec

We are the microbiological perspective on your favorite inflorescence


Forging truth through a curiosity for life science

Sharing in the romance of science and culture

Rooted in equality and inspired by a love of Cannabis

Cm botanical is queer owned and operated out of los angeles, ca. we deeply believe in the potential of cannabis as a catalyst for change in science, medicine, policy, environmental impact and culture.
we honor the cannabis plant and the people who work with it, making sure to spread knowledge and incite growth - from your business, to all people.

Image by Chanvre Québec

our founder

Courtney williams

Botanist, Writer, Product Dev

Courtney Williams is based in Los Angeles California. With close to a decade of  professional experience in Cannabis, Williams has worked with industry leaders in manufacturing, cultivation, and product formulation to create efficient and ethically-sound practices for producing high-quality products. 

In addition, Williams is a thought leader in the cannabis space, educating business owners, political leaders, and consumers on cannabis science and technology. Williams advises for the National Cannabis Industry Association, and has numerous published works on cannabis research and innovation.

In 2013, Williams co-founded The Clear; the first cannabis distillate oil to market in the world. Since then, they have established multiple out of state licensees, and continue to produce their products on a national level. Williams worked with The Clear as their Chief Botanist, with a focus on product development and educational outreach. 


On a more personal level, Courtney is committed to honoring the legacy of cannabis through science and education. Through CMB Courtney combines their passion for cannabis and their talents in science and writing to uplift others with a deeper understanding of what happens behind the microscope. 



"There is nothing more powerful than knowledge paired with a plant that can shift the way we feel and alter the way we perceive the world. " 

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Deeper Dissection

formal Science Background

Backed by formal schooling in botany, microbiology, and 8+ years in cannabis manufacturing and product development, we have all the resources you need to produce novel and effective product lines.

Technical Writing Background

With formal background in technical, journalistic, and creative non-fiction writing we can make your text come to life and leave an impact with your audience.

8+ years in cannabis

From startups to large scale manufacturing and cultivation: we have an in depth understanding of success and adaptability in a blooming market

Backed by our network

We are affiliated with industry organizations that connect us with experts and keep us up to date on ground breaking work in cannabis. Our founder is a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee for NCIA. 


For more information and current news check out our Instagram

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