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LEgal disclaimer

Welcome to CM Botanical. Please note that this site features content about cannabis and related substances that are illegal

under federal law as well as under state law in some states. All content on CM Botanical is for educational and

entertainment purposes only. Nothing is for sale on this website.

This site is intended for MMJ cardholders and caregivers age 21 and over. Use cannabis with caution and as directed by a

medical marijuana professional. Medical marijuana use is for adult patients with a legal prescription. Medical marijuana users

should abide by all marijuana laws in their state and never operate heavy machinery after smoking marijuana.

The content available on or through CM Botanical, its services, interactive areas, content, and postings is not intended, and

shall not be construed, to: (I) Constitute professional medical, health, legal, tax, or financial advice; or (II) Diagnose, treat, or

cure any medical, health, or other conditions.

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