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Scientific Method in Everyday Life

Photography by Courtney Maltais

Molecular science can often seem daunting at first, but when we take a closer look at how it applies to cannabis we can begin to understand why it is such an incredible foundation of knowledge to build upon. It is my passion to inspire others with science to channel their own creative potential.

It is my understanding that most problems in life can be solved or at least better understood through scientific method. That is, creating questions based on observations, testing your predictions, gathering data, and refining or expanding on your initial hypothesis. This process is circular in nature, always leading us back to asking more questions in the pursuit of a greater and more fleshed out understanding.

Rather than facing your obstacles in life with fear (be it personal, business, or scientific), confront uncertainty with unbiased reasoning. The more you practice this, the easier it gets!

As I navigate through this journals beginnings, I set the intention to bring valuable content to share my understanding of this world, through the lenses of a cannabis scientist.

I encourage everyone to engage in scientific method as a creative process - so that we all can see the forrest beyond the trees; to create a fair and sustainable industry, as well as a fulfilled and focused self.

Photography By Courtney Maltais


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