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Gluten-Free Edible Guide

Updated: May 27, 2020

Exploring edibles can be a tricky business if you have a gluten diet restriction and a low tolerance for THC. The longer I have been in the industry I have seen dosages skyrocket and creativity flourish in the edible market. But, with all these new regulations hitting the California Cannabis industry the future of creative culinary is looking bleak.

Regulations aren't always bad - in fact most of these rules are created to support a safer and more transparent industry. There are quite a few obstacles for edible companies to maneuver around, though...

California regulations are putting restrictions on dosing, requiring edible manufacturers to create easy to follow dosing instructions (markers on the edible indicating what a 10 mg dose would be). They are also putting limitations on what kinds of products and ingredients go into edible goods. You can say goodbye to medicated frozen pizzas, as all edibles are required to be non-perishable with a stable shelf life, and no dairy based products. Delicious infused wines and alcohols will be rejected, along with a number of other niche treats we all love.

So how does one pick a healthy and gluten-free option in a market that only allows products like candies and cookies?

Look no further: Here are a list of my most coveted edible treats that you will still be able to find in California in 2018!


Photography from Leafly

Ganja Grindz - Pomegranate Matcha Infused Tea (75mg THC & 7.5mg CBD)

This is one of Ganja Grindz's newest creations. It's a Green Tea infused with Pomegranate and THC, infused with 75mg THC and 7.5mg CBD. The special thing about Ganja Grindz is how much care and consideration goes into making each of their products. All of the ingredients are sourced specifically for each product. All of the apples in their cider come from a local farmer; all of the coffee beans in their cold brew are sourced from a farmer that they specifically sought out to craft the best product they could. All of their natural ingredients are chosen with love and a little culinary chemistry thanks to their head chef and product creator. Their products are naturally infused with caffeine (which CA allows for edibles), making it the best way to pare your coffee/tea and cannabis with this two in one product. This is the perfect base for a clever mocktail, but I personally drink Ganja Grindz straight from the bottle. Every sip you can taste the heart that went into the product, but be careful, because you may not be able to taste the weed and you may drink the whole thing without realizing it!

Photography from Kindland

Fruit Slabs - Tropical Haze Fruit Leather (100mg THC)

Simple ingredients, no added sugars; what more can you ask for? This all-natural snack combines cannabis, health, and (real) fruit roll ups into one amazing product. My loyalty lies with their flavor Tropical Haze. Its a medley of your favorite tropical fruits topped with hemp seeds to curb your hunger and fuel your body with protein and vitamins from this plant-based treat. The way they package it makes it easy to tare off a piece and save the rest for later (making it perfect for sharing or micro-dosing). If you like infusing your own dishes, I recommend adding Fruitslabs to your favorite hot cereal dish and letting it melt like sugar or honey on top.

Photography by The Pioneer Woman

Jambo Super Foods - CBD Ghee (50mg CBD)

If you haven't tried ghee before, I highly recommend it. Ghee is clarified butter made from skimming the impurities off the top of simmering butter leaving only that golden goodness underneath. It originated in India and is commonly used in South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. It has a rich, cheesy flavor and can be used as a butter or oil alternative in most recipes. It is packed with Vitamin E and Omega Fatty Acids making this just as nutritious as it is savory. My most favorite use of Jambo's ghee was on top of a stack of blueberry pancakes - the complexity of the flavor was out of this world.

Photography from Kaneh Co

Kaneh Co - Super Food Granola (100mg THC or 250mg THC)

You may have seen Kaneh Co on the dispensary shelves with their popular brownie or dessert bars, but this hidden gem deserves all the gluten-free praise it can get. Often times when I have gluten-free granola, consistency is always an issue. These bars have the perfect crunchy and chewy combination; every bite you get a protein rich pallet of nuts, seeds, and spices. They use goji berries and dates to add a little sweetness too. I like to mix the Super Food Granola Bar into coconut milk as a cereal alternative when at home, but this is an ideal meal when you're on the move.

Photography from The Pioneer Woman

Ripe Edibles - Creamy Peanut Butter (250mg THC)

This San Diego based company has some of the more wholesome guilty pleasures on my list. I wanted to specifically highlight their 250 mg THC Peanut Butter - as this is a delicious and protein rich snack that you can enjoy infusing into your own dishes or just eat it with a spoon. But they also carry a line of infused dried and candied fruits that are to die for. These simple ingredients can be mixed together to make the perfect trail mix, smoothie bowl, or spread onto toast - it's really up to you how creative you want to get with your munchies. The more you mix, the stronger your dose - which makes this the perfect snack for all tolerances.

Photography from Clean Healing

Clean Healing - Infused Marinara Sauce (50mg, 150mg, & 500mg THC)

A savory alternative to all the sweets above, Clean Healing is a marinara/pizza sauce infused with various doses of THC. This homemade recipe is the creation of a brother and sister working to create a sugar-free alternative for cannabis edibles. Luckily - this is also a gluten-free product! You can use the sauce as an ingredient in all of your favorite dishes. My personal favorite is using this as a mocktail ingredient for Bloody Mary's, but there are countless other applications of this sauce.

Now go forth into the world and nourish yourself with the best foods, and never forget that you can incorporate your cannabinoid diet into your life in a healthy way!


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