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We are a network of writers and influencers that can provide our clients with access to cutting edge cannabis content ranging from culture, science, medicine, product reviews, to political topics. Utilizing our teams skills in research and professional writing, we create engaging content for a wide range of audiences. 

In addition to web content, we also offer services for content creation with a focus on product description and brand content guidance. Building portfolios of social media content, product and company bio's, and article writing are just a few of the services we provide for other brands. Based on our client's specific needs, we can create a custom plan that works perfectly.

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We have worked with widely recognized industry leaders on creating high-quality content to enlighten and inspire business owners, educators, and consumers on the past, present, and future of cannabis. Working with groups like the Scientific Advisory Committee of the National Cannabis Industry Association, we aim to build content on the foundation of well thought out and peer reviewed information. Our founder, Courtney Maltais, has worked as an advisor for both non-fiction works and scientific journals on cannabis and scientific content, further expanding our network of reliable and relevant sources. 


With an extensive background in educational outreach, we are passionate for creating training documents and content for online learning platforms to provide adult education on cannabis. We also offer educational training through our speaker program - on topics ranging from biology, cultivation, manufacturing, testing and compliance - to safety, consuming cannabis, product awareness, and ending social stigmas through historical and cultural education. Contact us for more information regarding educational content and training. 


In addition to her formal training as a biologist, Courtney has a background in career development and technical writing. She has fused these skills along with ESL training to be able to help individuals build a powerful portfolio and resume for their career in cannabis. She works with clients on utilizing their experience and unique skills to create a competitive profile in a fast growing industry. 


Tissue Culture

Utilize this cultivation technology to increase efficiency of your facility, while protecting and preserving your genetics

Crafted Products

Create high-quality products using ingredients hand picked for your unique product line.

SOP Implementation

Manage your business with standard operating procedures that align with your workflow and follow compliance protocols

Pricing & Fees

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